John Tracer
John as he appears in the Season 3 Theme
Vital statistics

LEGEND (police callsign)








Cyber Police Officer


Dead (Killed by Jim)


Los Angeles, Prospero


LA Cyber Police (CMP)





WARNING! This page contains spoilers for all material up to S03E02. Edit

John Tracer is a Cyber Cop in the LAPD with a hot temper. When he is first introduced to the series, he captures the Main Character and tortures them for three days. However, when both of them need to escape from the Naturalists in Los Angeles, they team up and escape. After this, Christopher is added to their group. During the finale, John Tracer is shot by Jim.

Biography: Edit

John Tracer was inducted into the CMP Cyberpolice training program when he was ten years old, along with his sister, who did not survive the rigorous training. John, however, did, graduating as the best of fifteen other candidates.

After an indeterminate amount of time, John Tracer served in the Great War (also known as WWIII) between the United Empire and the Naturalists. When he was on a mission to take out the enemy snipers, John was taken as a Prisoner of War for two of the three years of the Great War.

After this, he joined the LAPD and settled down in a house, probably in his mid-twenties.

A few years later, at the age of thirty five, Jim sends the Main Character to assassinate John, but they do not succeed and he captures them and tortures them for three days. On the third day, the Naturalists take over Los Angeles, and John attempts an escape with the Main Character in tow. John's car gets hit by rocks from above, and he gets shot in the chest with a fifty-caliber bullet.

When he wakes up, the Main Character's e-brain is being tended to by Christopher, a Cyber Doctor (it can also be assumed that John was being operated on as he complained of a pain in his head and said to the MC that it was probably from one of Christopher's drones). He takes a dislike to the man, demanding to be freed, and was about to use a hidden knife in his boot to fight his way from captivity. Christopher convinces John that Prospero is the best place for their group to go to avoid the Naturalists, and he begrudgingly agrees.

As the group flies to Prospero via helicopter, John is visibly scared of Prospero due to its size and reputation (an anarchist city that is known for its danger to CMP Cyber Police because of the Cyber Doctor's eagerness to take them apart and figure out how their government-issue cybernetics work). When the group lands, John has been given the freedom to put his mask back on, but is still visibly uncomfortable in the city.

A few days later, it is revealed that Christopher, the Main Character, and John have been traveling around the lower district of Prospero to get supplies, weapons among them, and have now come to the garden district in order to go to the area controlled by the Group of Nine, where Christopher's influence lies. Before they can leave the district, however, Chris gets shot by a sniper that is supposedly Unity Party, but is revealed by Jim to be hired by him. John tells the Main Character to make a run for it while he stays with Christopher.

What happens to John and Chris in the period of time between then and the season finale is unknown for the time being, so when the two are seen next, they are wandering, lost, in Prospero. John is trying to contact fellow Cyber Police in the city, and he maintains contact for a long enough period of time to realize that the region is going to be bombed; everything will be destroyed (fire rain). After he loses connection, he attempts to escape with Christopher, but the bombardment and the water pressure bursting nearby pipes separates them. John then escapes and separates from Christopher.

Omar abd Jabar then contacts John, and after a brief argument, John agrees to go the Kojima|Acetron tower for Omar's errand. He defends himself from a group of delinquents, steals their motorcycle, and uses it to go to the Kojima|Acetron tower. He lies in waiting for some time, and as Cain is about to kill the Main Character, John attacks him with a knife, killing him. After John and Jim argue, Jim kills him with a high-powered. Gun

After John's death, he appears in the Main Character's e-brain (whether or not he is a figment of their imagination remains unknown). He then gives them a speech about how his grandfather told him to listen to the sounds of the city; how every city has an individual voice. He listened to the city, and this is how he solved many murders and kidnappings in Neo-Detroit. John is aware that he is inside the Main Character's e-brain and that he is not going away.

Personality: Edit

John Tracer is an aggressive man, hotheaded, but cool under fire. He has been described by Epic as a "right-leaning authoritarian" in the Cyberpunk ASMR political climate. Though he is very patriotic, it is revealed that he used to be relatively apathetic until he was taken as a POW by the Naturalists. He then began to care about the United Empire.

He is a nostalgic man who does not seem to like change; he has not changed the layout of his house, according to Jim, and he likes older music.

More categorization: he is described as Lawful Good and a Patriotic Optimist by Epic.

Abilities: Edit

John Tracer, having been inducted in the Cyber Police training program at ten, and fighting for most of his life afterward, is an extremely skilled warrior. The Cyber Police training program (for the CMP) is an intense program, which puts the new recruits into 5-8 years of training. During this time, the organic body is replaced by government-issue cybernetic parts and is subjected to torture, assault, and a cocktail of drugs to ensure that the cybernetic parts merge well with the organic body. At the end of every year, the recruits are put into a dangerous real life situation where they could potentially die. Because of this, he is a good marksman, and an intimidating foe to face on the battlefield.

John is also known to use stimulants frequently to heighten his senses and better himself during battle. In addition to this, he wears thick power armor (that he recalibrates frequently), ensuring that he is well-protected.

Relationships: Edit

Jim: Though not much is known about their time together, John and Jim were friends during their childhood and were in each other's unit during the Great War. Sometime when they knew each other, Jim started working for the local gangs, which made John resent him. It is also revealed by Jim that John is one of the few people to have seen his real face, and this is a problem to him.

Christopher: When Christopher first picked John up, John immensely disliked Christopher and berated him constantly. It stayed this way throughout the earlier episodes. However, when they get to the garden district, John stays with Christopher because he is a good Cyber Cop and wants to do his job.

Trivia: Edit

  • John's police callsign is LEGEND because he is a fan of John Legend
  • His surname, Tracer, is an anglicized form of the name Trassiera
  • His nationality is stated as simply "American"
  • He is not a fan of The Star Spangled Banner
  • John's armory is the biggest collection of guns in the Tri-State Area, and the reason for this is that he is a federal firearms holder